Good Eggs

We've been mad busy over here lately, kids! I don't even know the day of the week. Between getting the parents--and their 450 moving boxes--settled into their new house and working up a sweat building up stock for Crafty Wonderland, we managed to carve out some time to enjoy the rare PDX sunshine (via the Japanese Gardens, oh my!), have a preliminary meeting with the architects who will likely be designing our 350 sq ft dwelling, and even found time for a conference call tonight with a lovely woman from CCI Exchange who will be assisting us in our upcoming role of local coordinators for the international student exchange program! The future is packed full of brilliant potential, and I think we may just pull it all off! Is it time to wish everyone a happy weekend yet? Oh, it's only Tuesday?
Yes, Frank Black, where IS my mind?
I leave you with an awesome picture I took at the Portland Nursery a few days ago. It's a octopus-like air fern that has grown attached to this lovely antique birdcage. Cool, no?

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