Spring Shopping

   I've been on the hunt for a springtime shoe. I have a hard time with shoes, I own 5-6 pairs of boots and I can't seem to find a shoe style that satisfies me the way a boot does. I feel invincible in my boots; they are a fail-proof aesthetic when pairing with skirts, dresses, leggings, and skinny jeans, all of which I prefer to wear over pants. I can't stand the casual look of a tennis shoe. My entire life I have existed somewhere between tomboys and frilly girls. I am in no way athletically gifted, but I also can't rationalize the upkeep of a 'girly' lifestyle. I seek out an existence of simplistic beauty, one of a universal nature. I found these Frye oxfords and I am smitten. They look both powerful and agile, a harmony of rugged grace, an aesthetic that speaks to me!

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