Bright Light Tuesday

OMG. The sun is shining in Portland. And its been happening all day. How fantastic! Things are moving and shaking around the studio, with the arrival of the terHorst elders (aka the rightful owners of ISWAS+WILLBE studio and dwelling), bringing in tow an additional doggie and two curious cats. The house is brimming with life. And fur, pleh!
With many promising opportunities on the horizon and long days via sunsets around 8:00pm, things are looking positive over here. The future is looking frenzied and full of balls-to-the-wall moments. And we wouldn't have it any other way!
Check out this awesome beetle diorama I discovered from Bug Under Glass! How perfectly odd and adorable all at once!

Weevil Kenevil


  1. it's genius, right? you should check out their website, they have tons more, including bugs in tubs with PBRs!