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               Yesterday we watched a movie called "Hanna." I had never heard of it before, and after watching about half of the preview--those things tend to spoil all the surprise these days--I was convinced to go see it. Hanna is an intense character study in the skin of an action movie. The opening sequences involve dreamy scenes of Hanna, a young girl, wrapped in hides and toting bows+arrows, navigating her snowy world of wilderness. The costumes in this film are phenomenal, down to the very tiniest detail of little knots and tangles in Hanna's endless bundle of white-blonde curls. The imagery from this movie is so beautifully romantic; living in the wintery woods of Finland, wrapped in animals hides and being a general badass while doing things like killing my own supper. Sign me up!
The film has momentum and a good build of suspense. I am a sucker for movies with female protagonists, and I think there need to be more of them. (While loads of girls squeal at Hannah Montana, woefully wishing their lives were as glamourous as hers, I offer you a different role model. This Hanna travels 'round the world unchaperoned and can kick bad guy ass!)
             Along with the brilliant acting job done by Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), the film is complimented by a fantastic score by the Chemical Brothers, oodles of delightful side characters, a badass Cate Blanchett (of course) and a convincingly German Eric Bana. If you like a good action movie with beautiful imagery, stunning costumes, and an excellent cast go see Hanna. You won't be disappointed!

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