The Grand Royal Wedding

Ok, so I don't really get the whole fascination with the royal wedding, but I kept running into mentions of it all over the internet, so I decided to have a peek for myself. Blah blah, lots of funny hats and old people. But I did like this one photo, featuring the newlyweds driving off in their getaway car. The thing I find so striking about the picture is the gaudy choice of streamers following the car, which look like the kind of cheesy metallic balloons you pick up at the gift shop in the hospital. With all of the minute attention to detail that went into the "Wedding of the Century", you'd think they would have had some high-class solution to the tradition of dragging things behind your bumper. Maybe some of the Queen's fine silver? Some vintage tin cans? I can just imagine the panicked wedding planner sending an assistant down to the corner shop for the balloons, a last minute detail she'd completely glossed over.

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