It's been too lovely...

to blog. The sun has been fantastic, the family is settling in the house now and the big bro has been visiting, which means a surplus of homemade bread and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The weather has been fantastic in a warm-winded blue-skyed way. We've been to Forest Park (which, if you don't know, is like 5,000 acres and really close by....HEAVEN) and we've been to Portland Nursery 5-6 times, getting our hands dirty and planting some succulents, ferns, and BONSAI!

Today I discovered my foxy little pup gnawing at one of the aforementioned succulents. WHAT?! Who DOES that? She gets stranger and stranger every day, but its ok because it just reinforces my feeling that I am rearing a rare and mystical breed of wild animal.

This Saturday is CRAFTY WONDERLAND and we are excited to make a splash in the PDX arts scene and meet all the other talents we've only heard rumors about. Come see us!

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